Past Events

May 15, 2020 Topic and Speaker TBD
April 17, 2020 Solo/Small Business Panel Discussion
Various Small Bus owners and Moderator TBD
March 20, 2020 AZ and Florida Multi State Estate Planning Panel
Attorneys: Robert Mathers and Matthew Brehmer
February 21, 2020 Charitable Planning
Colin Nemeth from UW Foundation
January 17, 2020 Secure Act Roundtable Discussion
September 20, 2019 Prenuptial Planning Techniques
Attorney Shannon Braun-Godfrey and Kahn
May 17, 2019 TBD
April 26, 2019 Powers to Direct & Working with Directing Parties in Trust Administration
Fiduciary Partners
March 15, 2019 TBD
February 15, 2019 Trusts as IRA Beneficiaries
Atty. Matthew Brehmer from Remley, Sensenbrenner Law Firm
January 18, 2019 State of the Markets
Aegis Financial
November 16, 2018 Beneficiary Designations/Trust Titling
Attorney from Von Briesen and Roper
October 26, 2018 FDIC and Lending
Gina Van Lanen and andother BMO Represesntative
September 14, 2018 Planning Trends with Clients (Panel Discussion)
Panel of Professionals (CPA, Atty, Inv. Adv)
May 16, 2018 WEPC Social and Top 10 Charitable Trends Every Advisor Should Know in 2018
Bryan Clontz, Charitable Solutions
April 20, 2018 Senior Transitions
Jean Long Manteufel
March 16, 2018 Guns in Estate Planning and Gun Trusts
Drew MacDonald
February 16, 2018 Well Being in Retirement
Ryan Bostwick
January 19, 2018 Tax Law Update
Ben Baker, Tax Director CliftonLarsonAllen
November 17, 2017 Selling a Business/Creative Bus Services
John Foster
April 21, 2017 “Entrepreneurial Family”
Robert Mathers
March 17, 2017 from Windword Wealth
Gregory B. Pierce, JD
February 17, 2017 Winnebago County Adult Protective Services
A Panel Discussion
January 26, 2017 Special Evening Event
November 18, 2016 2016 Tax Update Plus
Andrew Mathes
October 21, 2016 Dementia Issues and Strategies for Financial and Legal Professionals.
Beth Belmore and Ben Adams
October 21, 2016 Dementia Issues and Strategies for Financial and Legal Professionals.
Beth Belmore and Ben Adams
May 20, 2016 WEPC Meeting “Trust Modification under the New Wisconsin Trust Code”
Catherine Priebe
April 15, 2016 WEPC Meeting "Creditor Protection and Trusts"
Sarah Robinson
March 18, 2016 WEPC Meeting "Trusts 101 Presentation"
Thomas W. Moniz
February 19, 2016 WEPC Meeting "When You Should Consider Hiring a Corporate DPOA and Corporate Personal Rep"
Pam Zielinski
January 12, 2016 Social at The Waters - Learn about the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils.
Eido M Walny
November 20, 2015 WEPC Membership Meeting - Tax Update
Jamey Rappis & Austin Burby
October 16, 2015 WEPC Membership Meeting - Estate Planning Issues associated with a missing person
Pam Schneider & Lisa Cribben
September 18, 2015 WEPC Membership Meeting - Social Security and the Affordable Care Act
Ryan Bostwick
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